Fraternity & Sorority Life Review

Download the Fraternity & Sorority Advisory Board Report [PDF]

Why did the university seek an external review of Greek life?

The University of Missouri’s Greek community is among the largest in the nation. As part of the comprehensive review of student programs and services at the University of Missouri, Interim Vice Chancellor Gary Ward and the Office of General Counsel agreed that it would be prudent to get a sense of national best practices related to Greek Life and assess current policies and procedures in place to inform the legal team’s advice on those matters. The ultimate goal is to build the strongest Greek community and best student experience in the nation.

What was Dyad Strategies hired to do?

The consultant was hired to assess several aspects of Greek life, including:

  • Social event policies and procedures, including policies related to alcohol and drugs
  • Organizational conduct policies and procedures
  • Policies and procedures related to Greek housing
  • Greek recruitment
  • Trainings and workshops provided for Greek members

What is in the Dyad report?

The report provides a detailed analysis of the Office of Greek Life and Greek community while also providing several recommendations for improving the Greek student experience. Download the full report (PDF).

How much did this analysis and report cost?

Payment is not to exceed $22,000. The Office of General Counsel hired Dyad Strategies, and the Division of Student Affairs covered the cost of the study.

What does the Office of General Counsel plan to do with Dyad report?

The results will be used to help the university’s legal team inform its advice on policies and procedures related to the Office of Greek Life (now Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life) and Mizzou’s Greek community. The university’s legal team also has shared the report with Student Affairs and agreed that the report may be shared more broadly to help inform discussion of improvements for policies and procedures.

What’s next?

The Dyad Strategies report has been provided to Keeling & Associates to inform their comprehensive assessment of university academic and personal support programs and services for students.

The Fraternity & Sorority advisory board has reviewed the topics identified in the Dyad report and has submitted a task force report. The group included students, parents, alumni, housing corps representatives and advisers. Some changes will take more time than others, and stakeholder input will be essential to determining how to move forward. Student safety remains the university’s top priority.

To submit feedback on the suggested changes, please email

What recommendations did the task force make?

The task force made several recommendations in its report, including proposed changes to housing freshmen in fraternity houses, limiting the frequency and duration of social events, and hiring a full-time staff member for the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life to focus on diversity and inclusion. Learn more about the task force’s work and what university leaders are saying about it in this news release from the university.

Who is in charge of Greek life?

Dr. Jeffrey Zeilenga was named Dean of Students in July 2017 and supervises the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life. He reports to Dr. Bill Stackman, who was named Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs in 2019.