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IFC Executive Board

2018 Greek Leader Retreat with Interfraternity Council

2018 Interfraternity Council Executive Board

All media should contact the Vice President of Public Relations via Email.

President- Jake Eovaldi –

Office Hours:

  • Represents the IFC on any University or student committee as necessary.
  • Keeps the IFC Advisor informed of all IFC business and brings business to the Presidents Council when necessary and appropriate.
  • Maintains close contact with all the work of IFC

VP Recruitment – Ethan Hayes –

Office Hours:

  • Assists in monitoring and coordinating informal recruitment processes and Formal Recruitment each June.
  • Oversees all aspects of the Rho Gamma program.
  • Coordinates with the IFC Advisor any effort at fraternity expansion at the University with the incoming group.

VP Risk Management – Joshua Chodor –

Office Hours

  • Manages education on risk management issues.
  • Oversees the revision and enforcement of all IFC risk management and social policies.

VP Member Development – John Kurpius –

Office Hours:

  • Develops programs to educate fraternity members about challenges facing the Greek community.
  • Develops programs aimed at building Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Brotherhood among individual fraternity members.

VP Finance & Records – Cole Stauss –

Office Hours:

  • Handles all fiscal matters for IFC including preparing and presenting a budget, collecting dues and fines owed to IFC, and paying all bills owed by IFC.
  • Takes attendance and records minutes at each IFC Executive Board meeting, Regular Session, or any other meeting called by IFC

VP Programming – Troy Gilbert –

Office Hours:

  • Develops new programs to assist chapters and presidents regarding IFC and community values.
  • Serves as a member on the Greek Programming Board.

VP Public Relations – Matthew Oxendale –

Office Hours:

  • Serves as the liaison to media outlets.
  • Manages and updates official IFC social media and IFC portions of the Greek Life Website.
  • Arranges and promotes interaction between IFC and the rest of the community
  • Publicizes IFC and Greek events, achievements, and works with member fraternities to assist with any publicity and marketing concerns.

VP Inclusion and Brotherhood – Mark Bremer –

Office Hours:

  • Act as a liaison between the Interfraternity Council, the Office for Civil Rights & Title IX, University social justice centers, and any other necessary offices providing resources in inclusion on campus
  • Create effective programming on a chapter level promoting brotherhood and chapter values while emphasizing an inclusive environment
  • Program and educate on equality of all minority communities on campus including but not limited to the LGBTQ community, racial minorities, those with varying gender orientations, and those with disabilities while developing relationships with on-campus organizations of similar backgrounds
  • Work with chapters and incoming students to help with ADA accommodations during recruitment and throughout the school year
  • Coordinate with on-campus organizations to provide and promote programming between and by these organizations as a means of outreach and inclusion of all on-campus groups

IFC Contact

All media should contact the Vice President of Public Relations via Email.

Recruitment Questions? Email

Mailing Address:

Fraternity & Sorority Life – Interfraternity Council
2500 MU Student Center
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: 573-882-8291


Brittany Butler
Coordinator – Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life