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IFC Programs


Along with all-Greek programming, IFC hosts several unique events throughout the year.

Greek Fire

Greek Fire is a new program designed to provide structure and support to chapter’s existing new member education programs.  It consists of voluntary participation by chapters to which support, resources, and training are provided to increase the effectiveness of that chapters new member education program.  Greek Fire is also designed to recognize the outstanding work that many of our chapters are already doing on their own while pushing them to continue improving.  Greek Fire is composed of three activity categories and eight sub-categories, each targeting a specific element of new member education.  The sub-categories encompass everything from personal and professional development to campus community collaboration, to service and philanthropy.  The entire Greek Fire program can be found under the resources tab of the IFC website.


IFCares is a service initiative aimed at increasing service and volunteer opportunities throughout the city of Columbia. Periodically, the IFC community is provided service events for the community members to participate in. IFCares was created to help showcase the positive aspects of the IFC community through service and community involvement. Keep a look out for upcoming dates and times.

Rho Gamma

A Rho Gamma (PΓ) is a Recruitment/Refinement Guide. A PΓ’s role is to serve the IFC community via Formal Recruitment and Membership Education and Development. The individuals selected for these positions will be trained in many aspects of what it means to be a fraternity man, as well as Greek Life and the University at large. The responsibilities of these positions will start in the spring semester and end towards the close of the fall semester, including the summer for Formal Recruitment.

IFC Holiday Lights Competition

The Holiday Lights Competition is a way for fraternities to showcase their chapter houses with holiday decorations. The purpose of the event is to open chapter houses up to the Mizzou community, providing first floor tours for all students, faculty, and staff so we can celebrate the holidays together.