The University of Missouri is home to one of the most dynamic communities of fraternities and sororities in the United States. Our community represents roughly 25 percent of the total undergraduate population of students and thousands of students.

Membership provides students with guidance during the transition process and adaptation to the scholastic and social challenges posed by life at a large university. Many members express a sense of connection with members of their organization as well as others outside of the fraternity and sorority community. In addition to finding a home away from home, our members gain valuable leadership skills, raise money for charities, volunteer countless hours of service and frequently exceed the all-campus average GPA.

Students involved in fraternities and sororities have many opportunities to showcase their hidden talents as well. Whether it’s dancing, singing, stepping, intramural sports, planning major events, or engaging in social initiatives, students involved in fraternities and sororities have plenty opportunities to explore their extracurricular talents and develop leadership skills that will further enhance their collegiate experience.

Your role

  • Students need support throughout the process of recruitment/intake and new member period. Be supportive and involved by learning as much as you can about fraternity and sorority life by asking questions of your student as they meet members in fraternities and sororities.
  • Keep an open mind, fraternity and sorority life is not for everyone. Just because you may have been a fraternity or sorority member doesn’t mean that it is the right choice for your student.
  • Encourage your student to keep an open mind about each organization that they come into contact with. Fraternities and sororities are different on every campus. Let your student choose the group that they feel the most comfortable joining.
  • Talk to your student beforehand about the financial obligation. Determine who will pay for what and where the limits are.
  • Understand that the fraternity/sorority recruitment at Mizzou is competitive, and not everyone who wants to join a fraternity or sorority will find a chapter that fits them.
  • Do not become overly involved in the sorority and fraternity recruitment/intake process; this is your student’s decision. There will be plenty of activities and events for you to attend or even help plan once your student joins one of our organizations.
  • Too often, parents do not allow their students to fight their own battles. It helps students mature and gain assertiveness when allowed to call various offices if they have questions or concerns about their decision to join a fraternity or sorority.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about fraternity and sorority life at Mizzou, please contact the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mizzou Families

Students’ families are an integral part of Mizzou. The support and encouragement of parents and other family members are critical elements in the success of students here at the University of Missouri. Mizzou Families values the critical role you play for students and appreciates the opportunity to partner with families in positively impacting their student’s experience.

Mizzou Families in the Office of the Dean of Students is the primary liaison and resource for parents and family members of MU students. We provide programs and services designed to inform, educate and assist MU families. These include events such as Family Weekend, Summer Welcome presentations and resources such as the Mizzou Families newsletter, and assistance via the family assistance telephone line and email account.
Mizzou Families