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Have an event coming up that you would like PHA to help sponsor? Fill out one of the sponsorship forms and let us know how your event is furthering the Greek Women Community. Make sure all forms are submitted 7 work days before the event, and we will contact you with our feedback.

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PHA Budget

PHA is working with a one hundred thousand dollar budget this semester – of which $72,747 has been rolled over from previous semesters. In the future, we are striving to work with a zero-balance budget, mainly to end with zero dollars in our budget at the end of each semester. In order to accomplish this, PHA changed the new member and active member dues for each sorority woman. In the past, active members paid a fee of $12 per semester and associate members paid a one-time fee of $24. However, starting Spring 2015 PHA changed its fee to $6 for active members and $12 for associate members.

Our budget is broken down so that each executive board member is allocated money. Starting with the president, a budget of $2000 has been allocated for miscellaneous use as she sees fit to better our community.

Member Development has been allocated $2000 for miscellaneous use as she sees fit for the betterment of the PHA community.

Risk Management has been allocated $2000 as well, of which $1800 has been spent this semester specifically on Self- Defense classes for our women.

Public Relations has been allocated $2609 dollars. $609 has been spent on founder’s day flowers for each chapter that is celebrating founder’s day in the Spring Semester. $2000 is allocated for miscellaneous use.

Programming is allocated $4000 for the four months of scholarships. Starting Spring 2015, PHA started giving out two $500 scholarships each month to two PanHellenic women who exemplify scholarship – one of the four core values of PHA – in their life. Alongside this money, Programming is allocated $2000 for food. This budget is used during miscellaneous events – town hall meetings, delegation, round tables.

Finance and Records is allocated a total of $9350 each semester. $850 has been spent on room reservations for the weekly delegation meetings in which each chapter is represented. $5000 is for sponsorships. $750 is for NPC dues. $2500 is allocated to miscellaneous sponsorships – for instance, $2019 was spend to help support Greek Week. Finally, Finance and Records is allocated $250 for miscellaneous use.

Next to each board member being allocated money, there are two sections of the budget allocated to other events. First, $9000 is allocated specifically to conferences in the spring – Three council Retreat and Greek Leader’s Retreat. Second, Circle of Sisterhood is allocated $5975 dollars.

At the current moment, there is looking to be a rollover of $49,123.

For a more extensive look at where the PHA money is going, feel free to contact VP Finance and Records, Emma Wibbenmeyer. If you have any thoughts or ideas of where the money should be allocated, contact any executive board member with your ideas.