Greek Honors Night


Greek Honors Night 2015 was held on October 28th, 2015 in Stotler Lounge. The night is dedicated to members of NPHC, IFC and PHA who have represented their respective councils and the Greek Community at Mizzou. Winners of Individual and Scholarship Awards are selected through a nomination process that is then reviewed to select the best candidate.

Documentation for The Foundation, the all-Greek minimum standards program on Mizzou’s campus, will be used to assess Chapter Awards presented at our annual banquet. Chapters are asked to diligently document the various requirements for The Foundation so that awards are given to the best qualified chapter.

Chapters are encouraged to nominate chapter members and volunteers for Individual Awards. Applications for next year will be available in fall 2016! Check back for more information.

Thank you to all attendees of Greek Honors Night 2015! Our Greek Honors Night Representatives worked tirelessly to put on a great night for outstanding members and chapters within the Mizzou community!

2015 Greek Honors Night Winners

Individual Awards

  • Outstanding Support for the Greek Community, House Director – Paula Gee, Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Outstanding Support for the Greek Community, Chapter Advisor – Jean Eggerman, Pi Beta Phi
  • PHA Selfless Helper – Anna Elliot, Pi Beta Phi
  • PHA Unsung Hero – Johanna Hohne, Alpha Delta Pi
  • IFC Celil B. Keasler Leadership Award – Cole Lawson, Delta Chi
  • NPHC Outstanding Chapter President – Reginald Seay, Kappa Alpha Psi
  • IFC Outstanding Chapter President – Ben Baker, Sigma Pi
  • PHA Outstanding Chapter President – Maggie Bowman, Kappa Delta
  • NPHC Outstanding Greek Scholar – Kaylah Loveless, Delta Sigma Theta
  • IFC Outstanding Greek Scholar – Jake Meyers, Delta Chi
  • PHA Outstanding Greek Scholar – Kiersten Kuc, Kappa Kappa Gamma


  • IFC New Member Excellence Scholarship – Henry J Evetts, Alpha Tau Omega
  • IFC New Member Excellence Scholarship – Matthew J Taylor, Sigma Phi Delta
  • IFC New Member Excellence Scholarship – Sean T Copeland, Delta Tau Delta
  • IFC Man of Service Scholarship – Ty P Kapitzky, Alpha Tau Omega
  • IFC Man of Service Scholarship – Jacob M Farkas, Alpha Epsilon Pi
  • IFC Man of Service Scholarship – Dominic J Polizzi, Beta Theta Pi
  • IFC Man of Value Scholarship – Zachary S Bine, Delta Tau Delta
  • IFC Man of Value Scholarship – Evan M Chipley, Lambda Chi Alpha
  • IFC Nathan L. Shore Scholarship – Ben Baker, Sigma Pi
  • PHA Excellence Scholarship – Ellen Dyra, Alpha Delta Pi

Chapter Awards

  • Dedication to Member Academic Excellence – Kappa Alpha Order
  • Excellence in Service and Philanthropy – Pi Beta Phi
  • Above & Beyond for Beneficiary – Alpha Delta Pi
  • Risk Management Excellence – Sigma Pi
  • GAMMA Wellness Award – Kappa Delta
  • Dedication to Risk Management Education – Lambda Theta Phi
  • Excellence in New Member Programming – Delta Sigma Theta
  • Dedication to Continued Member Development – Delta Gamma
  • Outstanding Member Development Event – Sigma Kappa, RSVP Event
  • Good Neighbor Award – Sigma Sigma Sigma, Philanthropy Week
  • Outstanding Unity Event – Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Sigma Phi, Dog Days
  • Outstanding Diversity Event – Delta Sigma Theta, Portrait Series
  • NPHC GPA Excellence – Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • IFC GPA Excellence – Beta Theta Pi
  • PHA GPA Excellence – Kappa Alpha Theta
  • NPHC Overall Excellence Award – Kappa Alpha Psi
  • IFC Overall Excellence Award – Lambda Theta Phi
  • PHA Overall Excellence Award – Kappa Delta

Greek Honors Night FAQ

When is the application packet due and where do I submit them?
Why do we have Greek Awards?
Why should I care about these awards anyways?
When is the awards banquet?
Can we nominate people and apply for individual awards only?
Who finds out if I win a Greek Honors Night Award?
Who represents our chapter at the Awards banquet?
Who is choosing the winners of each award?
Which councils win these awards?