Prospective Members

Welcome Tigers!

We are overjoyed that you are looking more into joining our Greek community! Our Greek community represents 26% of the undergraduate students, and continues to be a strong and vibrant component of the larger university community. We are a passionate, hardworking and driven group of students and we would love for you to be a part of that! We encourage you to look around and see if one of our 57 fraternities or sororities is right for you.

Greek Life at the University of Missouri is steeped in tradition and is equally excited about its future. Our fraternities and sororities are looking for men and women who will contribute to our organizations, the campus, and the Columbia community. Our community promotes the values of scholarship, leadership, service, and brotherhood/sisterhood. Members of the Greek community are exposed to many different personalities, interests, and challenges beneficial for social growth, while forming lifelong friendships.

Mizzou’s Greek community provides numerous opportunities for its members to develop their leadership skills, participate in service-learning activities, enhance their scholastic success, and find a welcoming community to call home. In fact, Greeks at Mizzou consistently achieve higher academic standings than their peers, and participate in a variety of other campus organizations and events. Furthermore, many of the leadership positions on campus are held by Greeks. Fraternity and sorority members donated thousands of dollars to charitable organizations and participated in countless hours of community service.

If you are interested, we encourage you to look around our website to determine which council (NPHC, IFC, MGC, or PHA) are right for you! Each council has they own way of promoting their mission and values to prospective members, so we have provided a quick guide for you below.

We look forward to meeting you all!

IFC Recruitment

Men’s IFC recruitment is a dynamic system. With two forms of recruitment (formal and informal), the Interfraternity Council (IFC) strives to provide an organized and effective way for a prospective member to become a member of an IFC fraternity at Mizzou. Specifically, the Interfraternity Council has strict policies pertaining to alcohol-free formal and informal recruitment process. Finally, the intended outcomes of formal and informal recruitment are the same: to showcase the values and principles each fraternal organization upholds. Each fraternity has their own core values and both recruitment processes provide an avenue for a prospective member to determine if an IFC fraternity is right for him.

MGC Membership Intake

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) strives to create and maintain an all-inclusive and culturally diverse environment, by fostering cultural awareness and upholding fraternal and sororal values. Our culturally based fraternities and sororities conduct membership selection throughout the year. MGC affiliated fraternities and sororities typically do not accept a student for membership until the student has completed at least 12-24 hours of college credit with a minimum GPA. Each group posts and maintains their own schedule of events, which are often listed on chapter websites and other locations on campus. You can find a list of chapters and contact information is within each chapter’s website profile.

NPHC Membership Intake

If you are interested in learning more about the NPHC historically African American fraternities and sororities at Mizzou, please feel free to contact the respective organizations. You can find a list of chapters and contact information is within each chapter’s website profile.

PHA Recruitment

Panhellenic Recruitment functions in two ways: formal and informal. The majority of sorority women join chapters through Formal Recruitment, which takes place every Fall the week before school begins. PHA Recruitment is a mutual selection process where a potential member has the opportunity to meet with chapter members, ask a variety of questions, and tour the living units. Learn more about BOTH forms of Panhellenic Recruitment on Mizzou’s campus.

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