Chapter scorecards provide key academic measures for each sorority and fraternity chapter within the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Panhellenic Association. The data for the reports are gathered from reporting by each chapter and council.

Spring 2023 Community Academic Report

Fall 2022 Community Academic Report

Spring 2022 Community Academic Report

Fall 2021 Community Academic Report

Spring 2021 Sorority Scorecard

Spring 2021 Fraternity Scorecard

Fall 2020 Sorority Scorecard

Fall 2020 Fraternity Scorecard

Spring 2020 Sorority Scorecard

Spring 2020 Fraternity Scorecard

Fall 2019 Sorority Scorecard

Fall 2019 Fraternity Scorecard

Spring 2019 Sorority Scorecard

Spring 2019 Fraternity Scorecard

Fall 2018 Sorority Scorecard

Fall 2018 Fraternity Scorecard

Spring 2018 Sorority Scorecard

Spring 2018 Fraternity Scorecard

Fall 2017 Fraternity Scorecard

Fall 2017 Sorority Scorecard