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We track grades and numbers of students active in fraternities and sororities at Mizzou, year by year. See the statistics here.

Community Conduct History

In the interest of transparency, Fraternity & Sorority Life tracks the learning experiences of local chapters and — when relevant — the measures taken to ensure that the community remains focused on the values of scholarship, leadership, service and brotherhood/sisterhood. Explore our community conduct history.


The Greek Chapter Scorecard provides key measures for each chapter within the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Panhellenic Association. The data for the reports are gathered from each chapter and council. Click here to access the latest scorecards.

Mizzou is committed to the development of individual Greek students, chapters and the community. To ensure quality living and learning environments for members, Mizzou fraternities and sororities maintain accreditation with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Individual members contribute to their chapters’ success in fulfilling their missions through mentorship, advocacy and collaborating with the university and Columbia communities, as well as national Greek organizations.

FSL Accreditation

Member tracks

The member tracks portion of FSL accreditation is designed to engage fraternity and sorority members in existing experiences provided on Mizzou’s campus. Each member will be expected to complete a specific number of experiences each of the five tracks listed below. For a chapter to receive credit in a specific track, 70 percent of the chapter’s membership must complete the required number of experiences listed. The member tracks portion shall count toward 50 percent of chapter’s overall completion of FSL accreditation. A list of events sponsored by university departments and recognized student organizations that have been approved for this program will be made available to all fraternity and sorority members on a weekly basis during the fall and spring semesters. This list will be updated as new events are submitted and approved.

Track 1: Health and safety

Each chapter member is expected to complete at least two experiences. Experiences in this track are designed to positively impact the overall well-being of the individual or group. Experiences that will meet the standards for this track will include events focused on topics such as physical health, mental health, sexual assault prevention, alcohol/substance abuse, hazing prevention, self-defense and risk management.

Track 2: Campus engagement

Each member is expected to complete at least three experiences. Experiences in this track are designed to connect students to the larger Mizzou community. Experiences that will meet the standards for this track include, but are not limited to: being involved in at least one other student organization outside of Fraternity & Sorority Life, certain campus wide social events, attendance at Greek Night athletic events, etc.

Track 3: Cultural competency

Each member is expected to complete at least two experiences. Experiences in this track are designed to educate members on issues of inclusion, diversity and equity. Events that meet the standard for this track include, but are not limited to: cultural awareness events, educational events/training on diversity and inclusion topics, etc.

Track 4: Personal/professional development

Each member is expected to complete at least three experiences. Experiences in this track are designed to enrich the overall personal and professional development of the individual. Events that will meet the standards for this track include, but are not limited to: leadership development experiences, career prep, academic events hosted by colleges.

Track 5: Community impact

Each member is expected to complete at least 10 hours of community service. Service hours must be performed with an approved service organization. Member service hours are to be tracked by the chapter and turned in periodically to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Chapter Tracks

Chapter specific tracks are a basic set of standards that include administrative tasks, academic success and some community engagement. Each chapter track contributes 10 percent of the overall completion of FSL accreditation.

Track 1: Academic achievement

  • Chapter must attain an minimum 2.5 GPA for the fall and spring academic terms
  • Chapter new member class must attain a minimum 2.5 GPA during their first semester in the organization

Track 2: Leadership development

  • Chapter president (or other designated executive board member) attends the annual Greek Leader Retreat
  • A representative attends a regional or national event sponsored by the chapter’s national organization

Track 3: Chapter management

  • Update campus student organization registration in Engage
  • Update your chapter roster in Engage by the university census date each semester
  • Update contact information for chapter officers and advisers each semester

Track 4: Campus and community relations

  • Coordinate one philanthropic event each academic year
  • Coordinate one substance-free program with a fraternity or sorority from another council each academic year (Greek Week and Homecoming events do not qualify)
  • Coordinate one substance-free event or program each academic year with either a non-Greek student organization or a university office/department

Track 5: Chapter conduct

  • Not found responsible for any violations of the University Code of Conduct that result in the chapter being placed on university disciplinary probation
Accreditation Status

The University of Missouri’s Fraternity & Sorority Chapter Accreditation Program is designed to assess the completion of the minimum expectations for chapter success as outlined by the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life. Chapters will receive one of the following designations based on their accreditation completion percentage from the previous academic year: Accredited with Distinction (90-100 percent), Accredited (70-89 percent), or Non-accredited (0-69 percent).

Chapters at the non-accredited level will be required to meet periodically with a Review Board or Fraternity & Sorority Life staff members to review the previous year’s completion status and plan for the next academic year. Being a non-accredited chapter does not necessarily restrict organization activities.

2018–19 Accreditation Completion Status

Hazing policy

The University of Missouri is dedicated to upholding an environment of respect and support. Hazing violates university policy, state law, and individual fraternity and sorority policies. You can make a confidential report through the Office of Student Accountability & Support. You can also report hazing anonymously on the national Greek Anti-Hazing Hotline.