Community Conduct History

In the interest of transparency, Fraternity & Sorority Life tracks the learning experiences of local chapters and — when relevant — the measures taken to ensure that the community remains focused on the values of scholarship, leadership, service and brotherhood/sisterhood.

Below you can find fraternity and sorority chapters’ conduct history for the past four years.



The following chapters are currently on disciplinary probation

Disciplinary probation is a written reprimand for violation(s) of specified regulations. Probation is for a designated period of time and includes the probability of more severe sanctions if the student organization is found to be violating any institutional regulation(s) during the probationary period.

  • Alpha Epsilon Pi
  • Alpha Sigma Phi
  • Alpha Tau Omega
  • Delta Gamma
  • Delta Sigma Theta
  • Delta Upsilon

The following chapters have lost recognition at the University of Missouri

Loss of recognition signifies that a student organization loses its official approval as a recognized student organization.


  • Delta Sigma Phi
  • Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
  • Phi Gamma Delta
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Sigma Pi