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National Pan-Hellenic Council

The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. (NPHC) is a coalition of the nine largest historically Black Greek-letter fraternities and sororities, currently representing over 1.5 million members internationally.

NPHC Executive Board

Amari Celestine

  • Official spokesperson of the NPHC.
  • Serves as a liaison for the NPHC between the PHA, IFC, University officials and MU staff members.
  • Maintains close contact with all work of the NPHC.

Executive Vice President
Derek Porter

  • Oversees the NPHC Judicial Board and accountability measures.
  • Coordinates educational, training and programming sessions involving risk prevention, event management, hazing prevention, sexual misconduct and mental health.
  • Collects and reviews social and alumni event request forms.

Vice President of Records
Carrington Peavy

  • Maintains and records meeting minutes for executive and general body meetings.
  • Maintains the NPHC events calendar.
  • Maintains accurate record of attendance at all NPHC events and meetings.

Vice President of Finance
Amina Massey

  • Creates and maintains the annual NPHC budget.
  • Oversees the NPHC budgeting and fundraising committee.
  • Provides financial reports to the NPHC.

Vice President of Public Relations
Kobe Smith

  • Maintains the social media accounts and plans storytelling content for the NPHC.
  • Serves as the liaison to the university’s Joint Office of Strategic Communication.
  • Oversees the planning for Meet the Greeks, NPHC 101 and MU Welcome Week

Vice President of Programming
Ife Adekunle

  • Oversees the NPHC programming committee that plans the NPHC’s large events: Fall Fest, Step Show and Yard Show.
  • Oversees the NPHC’s involvement in campus and community programming events.
  • Works with the other councils to plan community wide recognition programs.

Vice President of Outreach
Jaela Ginger

  • Oversees the NPHC service committee to plan service programs and community outreach.
  • Serves as the liaison for the NPHC at Missouri Student Association meetings.
  • Plans and implements NPHC Week and Mini Week events.

Vice President Member Engagement
DeJ Watson

  • Oversees the planning and implementation of the NPHC New Member Orientation.
  • Plans events that promote cooperation, collaboration, and community building between NPHC organizations.
  • Works with the VP of Programming to plan and implement NPHC educational programming.

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NPHC Contact

Cody Sallee, Advisor

2500 MU Student Center

Columbia, MO 65211