Interfraternity Council

Welcome to the Interfraternity Council’s section of the Fraternity & Sorority Life website. We are proud to represent one of the greatest fraternity communities in the country. Please feel free to contact any of us during our office hours or via our contact information listed in the executive board tab. We look forward to working with all of you over the course of this year and in the future.

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IFC values

Fraternities and sororities represent thousands of students at Mizzou, and this group of students builds a unique community atmosphere that has thrived at Mizzou for years. Members of the fraternity and sorority community are exposed to many different personalities, interests and challenges beneficial for social growth while forming lifelong friendships. The bonds you develop with other members in your chapter are more than just friendships. Members support each other through challenges, and older brothers and sisters encourage and foster growth in new members. Friendships developed in college will continue to flourish even after you graduate. Every chapter has an alumni network to assist members in adjusting to new communities, whether its finding employment or offering personal friendship based on the common experience of membership in your organization.

Fraternity life provides students with a variety of leadership opportunities. Members may participate in fraternity governance as a chapter officer or by serving on one of the many committees and subcommittees that each chapter maintains. In addition, leadership programs and conferences within each fraternity at the local, regional and national level also provide an opportunity for members to sharpen their leadership skills.

Historically, fraternities and sororities were founded on the principles of academic success and camaraderie. Today, our fraternities and sororities continue to strive for academic excellence. Our members realize that academic achievement is the main priority of Mizzou students. Chapters promote scholarship by providing academic resources for their members including tutoring, academic advisors, study groups and scholarships. Chapter members often work with new students to help their adjustment to their new surroundings, and specifically the rigors of university academics. Many chapters have a rewards system based on GPA. Prospective members must meet a minimum GPA in order to be initiated and then must maintain a minimum GPA to remain an active member.

The fraternity and sorority community addresses the needs of both the City of Columbia and the University communities by sponsoring service and philanthropic projects. Each chapter dedicates itself to worthy local causes and national/international philanthropies, donating their time and fund-raising efforts to help others. The ability to touch the lives of others through your efforts will undoubtedly be one of the more memorable experiences you will have as a member of a fraternity or sorority. This past year our community donated thousands of volunteer hours providing services and funding for local charitable organizations such as Special Olympics, American Heart Association, Children’s Miracle Network, and the Salvation Army.

IFC Executive Board

All media should email the Vice President of Public Relations.

Thom Molen

  • Represents the IFC on any university or student committee as necessary.
  • Keeps the IFC adviser informed of all IFC business and brings business to the President’s Council when necessary and appropriate.
  • Maintains close contact with all the work of IFC.

Brett Nygren

  • Assists in monitoring and coordinating informal recruitment processes and formal recruitment..
  • Oversees all aspects of the Rho Gamma program.
  • Coordinates with the IFC adviser any effort at fraternity expansion at the university with the incoming group.

Evan Clausner

  • Manages education on risk management issues.
  • Oversees the revision and enforcement of all IFC risk management and social policies.

Greg Pierson

  • Develops programs to educate fraternity members about challenges facing the fraternity and sorority community.
  • Develops programs aimed at building scholarship, leadership, service and brotherhood among individual fraternity members.

Dylan Kay

  • Handles all fiscal matters for IFC including preparing and presenting a budget, collecting dues and fines owed to IFC, and paying all bills owed by IFC.
  • Takes attendance and records minutes at each IFC Executive Board meeting, regular session, or any other meeting called by IFC.

Jacob Beavers

  • Develops new programs to assist chapters and presidents regarding IFC and community values.
  • Serves as a member on the Greek Programming Board.

Trevor Lerit

  • Serves as the liaison to media outlets.
  • Manages and updates official IFC social media and IFC portions of the Fraternity & Sorority Life website.
  • Arranges and promotes interaction between IFC and the rest of the community.
  • Publicizes IFC and other fraternity and sorority events, achievements and works with member fraternities to assist with any publicity and marketing concerns.


  • Acts as a liaison between the Interfraternity Council, the Office for Civil Rights & Title IX, university social justice centers, and any other necessary offices providing resources in inclusion on campus
  • Creates effective programming on a chapter level promoting brotherhood and chapter values while emphasizing an inclusive environment.
  • Programs and educates on equality of all minority communities on campus including but not limited to the LGBTQ community, racial minorities, those with varying gender orientations, and those with disabilities while developing relationships with on-campus organizations of similar backgrounds.
  • Works with chapters and incoming students to help with ADA accommodations during recruitment and throughout the school year.
  • Coordinates with on-campus organizations to provide and promote programming between and by these organizations as a means of outreach and inclusion of all on-campus groups.

Cooper Zimmershied

  • Acts as the head of the IFC Judicial Board to oversees cases, does not vote on individual conduct matters.
  • Acts as the liaison between the IFC Executive Board, the IFC Chapters Presidents and the Office of Student Accountability & Support.
  • Helps facilitate sanction completion for charged chapters.
  • Keeps updated records of completed sanctions.
  • In charge of making a list of probationary actions of each individual chapter
  • Works with the VP of Risk Management about trends within the IFC community and how to combat these issues.