IFC Recruitment

Men’s IFC recruitment is a dynamic system. With two forms of recruitment (formal and informal), IFC strives to provide an organized and effective way for a prospective member to become a member of an IFC fraternity at Mizzou. Specifically, IFC has strict policies pertaining to an alcohol-free formal and informal recruitment process. Finally, the intended outcomes of formal and informal recruitment are the same: to showcase the values and principles that each fraternal organization upholds. Each fraternity has its own core values and both recruitment processes provide an avenue for a prospective member to determine if an IFC fraternity is right for him.

Each potential new member (PNM) should register for recruitment. Registration is $50 for formal and informal recruitment. Once you register, your information will then be shared with IFC fraternities to contact you. In addition, please review the IFC Recruitment Guide and reach out to chapters who you are interested in.

IFC will be following social distancing guides lines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It will be required that all potential new members and current members wear a mask, meeting in small groups and incorporating virtual aspects whenever possible.

Registration for IFC Formal Recruitment 2021 will be open from June 1–July 31.

IFC Formal Recruitment will tentatively take place Aug. 17–22, 2021. More detailed information to come.

Formal Recruitment 2021 Tentative Schedule

Move-in Day – Aug. 17

Expo Round – Aug. 18

House Tours Round 1 (in-person) – Aug. 19 & 20

House Tours Round 2 (in-person) – Aug. 21

Bid Day (in-person) – Aug. 22

Register for IFC Informal Recruitment

IFC Recruitment Guide (PDF)

IFC Recruitment Guide Text Only (PDF)

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Updated as of May 6, 2021


Recruitment registration (informal & formal) is $50.

The formal recruitment process starts out with an expo that allows potential new members (PNMs) to meet representatives from all of our IFC fraternities. The rest of the process is through mutual selection where  PNMs will select chapters that they are interested in and chapters will select PNMs that they determine are the best fit.

Yes. We work closely with the Honors College to ensure that you are able to attend events throughout the week. If you are in the Honors College or have additional scheduling conflicts during recruitment please email IFCRecruitment@missouri.edu.

Formal recruitment is run through IFC and allows potential new members (PNMs) to meet members from all 31 fraternities in the fall. Informal recruitment can happen at any time and requires the PNM to contact the fraternities directly about their individual recruitment processes. Fraternities often have informal recruitment events throughout the year.

A Rho Gamma (PΓ) is a recruitment/refinement guide. A PΓ’s role is to serve the IFC community via formal recruitment and membership education and development. The individuals selected for these positions will be trained in many aspects of what it means to be a fraternity man, as well as the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and the university at large. The responsibilities of these positions will start in the spring semester and end towards the close of the fall semester, including the summer for formal recruitment.


If you have any questions about IFC Recruitment, please contact

Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life
Tel. 573-882-8291
Email IFCRecruitment@missouri.edu.