Fraternity & Sorority Advisory Board

The fraternity and sorority community at Mizzou is a source of pride. The University of Missouri is committed to supporting fraternities and sororities because it values their leadership, service, scholarship, brotherhood and sisterhood.

The Fraternity & Sorority Advisory Board (FSAB) is a forum in which Fraternity & Sorority Life staff may elicit feedback on proposed initiatives designed to further improve the fraternity and sorority experience.

The FSAB meets quarterly throughout the year and offers insight and recommendations for staff to consider in reference to the programmatic development of the fraternity and sorority community. Regular topics for discussion may include:

  • Alumni engagement
  • Chapter and member support
  • Community engagement
  • Community growth and development
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Educational programming
  • Health, safety and well-being
  • Leadership development
  • Volunteer development

The FSAB is comprised of students, alumni, local and national fraternity and sorority advisors/staff, and MU administrators. Members are nominated from the broader MU fraternity and sorority community and serve up to two years.

  • Shannon Breske
  • Heather Bridgeford
  • Pangku Cardona
  • Ed Clausen
  • Brandon Common, PhD
  • Kyndall Davidson
  • Julie Drury
  • Angelica Duarte
  • Sarah Dubbert
  • Will Foran
  • Tracy Graves
  • Andy Hayes
  • Christine Holmes
  • Chris Jefferson
  • Julie Johnson
  • Dr. Angela King-Taylor
  • Ed Knollmeyer
  • Antoinette Landor
  • Val Lawlor
  • Isaiah Massey
  • Bruce McKinney
  • Teresa McKinney
  • Robert (Bob) Selsor
  • Jake Sherman
  • Dr. Bill Stackman
  • Bryan VanGronigen, PhD
  • Mark Van Zandt, JD