PHA Recruitment

Panhellenic recruitment functions in two ways: primary and continuous open bidding.

Primary Recruitment

The majority of sorority women join chapters through primary recruitment, which takes place every fall the week before school begins. PHA recruitment is a mutual selection process where a potential member has the opportunity to meet with chapter members, ask a variety of questions, and tour the living units.

Registration for PHA Primary Recruitment 2021 will be open from June 1-July 31.

PHA Primary Recruitment will take place Aug. 15-21, 2021. More detailed information to come.

PHA Recruitment Guide

Primary Recruitment Tentative Schedule

Move-in Day – Aug. 14, 2021

Open House Round (videos only) – Aug. 15, 2021

Philanthropy Round (in-person) – Aug. 16 & 17, 2021

Sisterhood Round (in-person) – Aug. 18 & 19, 2021

Preference Round (in-person) – Aug. 20, 2021

Bid Day (in-person) – Aug. 21, 2021

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Continuous Open Bidding

Continuous open bidding (COB) is the process that sororities use to recruit new members. Unlike primary recruitment, a potential new member (PNM) engaged in COB will not visit all of the sororities. When a sorority decides to participate in COB, they contact PNMs through the interest forms that were filled out by PNMs and hold a series of events to get to know her better. Completion of the interest form on the part of the potential new member is necessary to join a chapter. All women that have not been initiated by another chapter in the past are eligible to participate.There are a few key differences between primary recruitment and COB that are important to keep in mind:

  • COB almost never involves all of the PHA sororities at any particular time. Those who do take part usually have only a few spots open for new members. Therefore, the opportunity to join a sorority during COB is much lower than during primary recruitment.
  • COB is a much less structured process. You do not get the overall view of sorority life, nor do you see what each sorority is about. Most of the women who join through COB do so because they have been on campus for a while and have a better feel for which sororities they would be comfortable joining.

For many reasons, including wanting to get to know all the sororities, most women choose primary recruitment as their way to join a sorority. However, if you find that you are unable to go through primary recruitment for any reason, keep in mind that COB may occur each fall and spring semester. This means that the chapters participating in COB will vary throughout the year.

Sororities currently participating in COB are:

  • Phi Mu
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma