PHA Recruitment FAQ

Find the answers to your recruitment questions below.


The Panhellenic Association has four core values of service, scholarship, leadership and sisterhood. These values are at the heart of PHA. When joining a PHA sorority and the larger PHA community you gain access to a support group that will help ease the adjustment to college and make college life fun. With nearly than 30,000 students on Mizzou’s campus, joining PHA will help make a big campus feel small.

Additionally, joining PHA means gaining access to:

  • Scholastic resources that help you achieve your academic goals
  • Gaining leadership skills through hands-on experience
  • Opportunities for participation in community service projects
  • Encouragement to get involved on campus and make connection across Mizzou

No matter which sorority you choose, you will find a unique bond of friendship within your chapter and the Panhellenic community that will carry on for the rest of your life.

The primary recruitment process is set up so each potential new member (PNM) can get to know each sorority chapter before deciding to commit to the organization that is best for them.

If you decide to go through primary recruitment, you will move into your residence hall early to take part in the process before classes start!

To make the process easier, you will be assigned to a Panhellenic counselor group. Each day of recruitment consists of planned social events. For example, Philanthropy Round focuses on each chapter’s community service work while the Sisterhood Round allows the sorority members to showcase their values and what makes them unique. These events will help you figure out the goals, values and personality of each chapter, and they will help you decide which chapter is best for you.

Recruitment is a mutual selection process, so while you decide which chapters you feel most comfortable with, the members in each chapter are also trying to determine which potential new members would fit best into their chapter.

No. Primary recruitment takes place at the beginning of the fall semester. COB takes place throughout the year. Not all chapters participate in COB nor begin COB until after primary recruitment.

Stay tuned and bookmark this webpage. Once PHA Formal Recruitment has ended, this webpage will be updated with the PHA chapters who will be taking part in the Continuous Open Bidding process.

There is no grade requirement to go through primary recruitment set by PHA, but each chapter has its own GPA standards for membership and retention. Because PHA and each chapter values scholarship and academics, maintaining good grades is important to all sorority women.

Each sorority has its own mission, creed and values that it lives by. However, overall, Panhellenic organizations strive to provide members with friendship, opportunities for personal growth/development and fun. Primary recruitment is a process designed to allow you and the chapters to decide on the best fit. As you go through the process, be sure to keep an open mind, ask questions and be yourself.

There is a space in the recruitment registration form to share any accommodations that you may need to make your recruitment experience accessible. If you have questions or concerns around accommodations, please contact the Vice President of Recruitment – External at

Primary Recruitment Process

Panhellenic counselors are PHA women who serve as your guide in the recruitment process. These are women who have applied and been selected to disaffiliate from their specific PHA chapters for the duration of the recruitment process.

Every potential new member will be assigned to a group with a Panhellenic counselor and other potential new members going through the recruitment process.

Panhellenic counselors will distribute schedules, answer questions, and be a confidante while potential new members are participating in recruitment. Panhellenic counselors are a great sounding board through the recruitment process – they can provide guidance from their own experiences within the PHA community and answer any questions that you have about the process.

Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Phi
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Gamma
Gamma Phi Beta
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Phi Mu
Pi Beta Phi
Sigma Kappa
Zeta Tau Alpha

Mizzou has a National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) with historically African-American sororities, and a Multicultural Greek Council (MGC). To find out more about these councils, contact their respective governing councils for more information.

A headshot upload is a required part of the registration process for PHA Primary Recruitment. On the second page of the registration form there will be a place to upload your headshot. Photos must be:

  • Taken in front of a plain/blank background; and 
  • Headshot style photo: shoulders up, head facing forward.

If your photo does not meet the requirements, we will request you send a new photo to 

o In addition to a required headshot, each potential new member registering for recruitment will be required to submit the following materials:

  • High school or relevant transcripts 
  • Video submission

The video submission is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and provide more insight into who you are and why you’re looking to join Mizzou’s PHA community. You will be provided a list of questions on the registration form. You will select 2-3 questions to answers. You will film yourself answering these questions in a video format, upload to YouTube as an unlisted video and attach to the registration form.

For more advice on how to answer the questions, check out important tips and tricks from members of the PHA executive board. 

Yes! Sororities accept women of all academic class levels —all undergraduate, full-time students on the Mizzou campus are eligible to join a sorority.

Letters of Recommendation are not required, but can be submitted to chapters. However, some PHA chapters no longer accept letters of recommendation in the PHA Primary Recruitment process. To learn more about what this process looks like for individual chapters, please refer to the last page in the 2024 Recruitment Guide.

There are different rounds throughout the PHA Primary Recruitment process. Each round will require a slightly different wardrobe.

  • Open House Round will be hosted in a virtual format. So, wear what you feel comfortable in.
  • During Philanthropy Round, we ask that you wear your best Mizzou apparel. This round is casual for example, jean shorts, black and gold, tennis skirt, Mizzou t-shirt, sandals, tennis shoes, etc. Show that Tiger Pride!
  • During Sisterhood Round, the attire is casual dressy. A skirt, sundress or a pair of dress shorts is perfect. Just like Philanthropy Round, you will be walking all over Greek Town and campus to attend chapter visits. Make sure you choose comfortable shoes that are suited for a lot of walking.
  • During  Preference Round, semi-formal attire is recommended. A dress or romper are great options. This the day to wear a fancier outfit with nice flats, wedges or heels. As always, wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.

Yes, PHA will work with you to ensure that you have an accessible recruitment process. In the recruitment registration, we ask that you please share any accommodations we may provide to make your recruitment experience accessible. Examples may include, but are not limited to, mobility device (wheelchair, walker, etc) access, closed captioning, materials in Braille, enlarged font needs, ASL interpreter, neurodivergent needs (quiet space), etc. If you would prefer to be contacted directly to share your needs, please enter “Contact me.”

Academic Day will be held on Aug. 16 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Academics are a priority for the Fraternity and Sorority Life community. To encourage all Potential New Members to participate in Academic Day, no recruitment programming will take place from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. on Aug. 16.


The fee that a potential member pays to participate in PHA Primary Recruitment covers a tote bag, name tag, water bottle, and some other Mizzou PHA gear like stickers as well as an administrative fee. All items will be handed out during check-in.  

The Panhellenic Association offers scholarships throughout the fall and spring semester. Be sure to check out PHA’s Instagram to learn more about the application process. To help decrease some of the financial burden of recruitment, PHA is offering some scholarships to waive the recruitment registration fee along with providing a “Recruitment Closet”. This will have clothes in various sizes that you would be able to wear for recruitment.

If a student moves into her chapter’s house, she may receive a larger refund check because she is no longer paying for residential life housing. In that case, the extra money could be used to pay housing expenses to the sorority.

In addition, many chapters have local or national scholarship programs exclusively for members; you can ask each chapter for more information.

Sorority Life

Each sorority has standard time commitments and mandatory events, such as chapter meetings, new member meetings and philanthropy events. Additionally, keeping with Mizzou tradition, sororities play a large role in the Mizzou Homecoming festivities in October.

Sorority life creates a lot of opportunities for new friends, activities and commitments– so it’s important to build time management skills to better enhance your experience as a Mizzou Tiger and PHA sorority woman.

Each chapter has a different housing policy; however, most chapters have members move into their houses during their second year of membership. During recruitment, PNMs are encouraged to ask about housing specifics.

Mizzou’s community of fraternities and sororities has many opportunities for members of different chapters to meet and create friendships. Social, leadership and service events give members in different sororities the chance to socialize. Making friends from other sororities helps strengthen our community. By participating in primary recruitment, a PNM has the opportunity to meet members in their Panhellenic Counselor group and can maintain these friendships even after joining different chapters.

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